eBay Affiliate Program: How To Make Money on eBay Without Ever Selling on eBay

By Skip McGrath
Thousands of sellers make thousands of dollars a month selling their products on EBay. What's not as well known is the number of people who are making thousands of dollars every month from eBay.
eBay offers one of the most generous affiliate programs on the Internet. It is called the eBay Partner Program and it is a great way to make money on eBay.
To get started with eBay, you first need to join the affiliate program. Go to the bottom of the eBay home page and click on the link that says Affiliates.  This will take you to a page that explains the program, how you get paid and how to join.  Be patient the whole process takes a couple of days. And be sure and check you spam filter if you don't see a confirming email from eBay with instructions to complete the process.
Making money on eBay is easy with the affiliate program but there are some steps you need to go through. eBay has plenty of tools to help you make money. And there are several third party tools to help you. These cost some money but not that much and can repay their value several times over.
A great way to get started is with a product from eBay seller, Mike Enos. Mike has launched an instant niche maker website builder. This is a tool that instantly builds little niche websites linked to your eBay affiliate code and several other affiliate sites as well.  You don't need any technical knowledge. The program is called Instant Niche Maker. Click on that link and you can get a 5-day trial for just $4.95.
You can also set up your own website to promote your affiliate niche.  One of the cheapest and best ways to do that is with a service calledXsitePro.
eBay's affiliate center offers everything from RSS feeds to the Editor Kit and Product Kit. Be careful here though. Although RSS feeds are search engine friendly, JavaScript is not. JavaScript will make your website dynamic (the content updates automatically), but the search engines can't read it. It won't help your search engine rankings.
Once you've built your site, then you need to market. You can market it by just creating content with free articles. This will help search engines find you. And you can buy keywords -but stay away from the really expensive one. Look for little niche keywords
You can also use free classified ad sites like Craig's List and Kijiji.
How do I make money on eBay with this program?
You start by creating a blog or a website that you use to direct traffic to eBay. eBay pays for two actions: Registration and when someone bids and buys.
Are there really any people making money on eBay with this program?
Apparently there are. Most months I make around $300-$400. My best month with the program was just over $700, but I haven't really promoted it that much.  Basically I am just grabbing some traffic from people who find my website or blog. But there are some people making really big money with the program.
A large affiliate blog did a survey of 300 eBay affiliates last year. By far, most of the affiliates reported making less than $300 a month, but about 9% were making over $2500 a month and the top 1% were making over $10,000 a month. I met a couple of these super affiliates at eBay Live last year.  What it all came down to was how much they worked at it.  One guy I spoke with has 5 blogs and two websites.  He religiously spends three hours a day adding content to his blogs and another three or four hours a week on his two websites.  He told me he averages around $7-8,000 a month from the program and his blogs generate another $2000 + from the Google AdSense program. That's not too bad for essentially a 20-hour week.
When I met with the eBay folks who run the partner network at eBay Live in Chicago, they told me there were 14 super affiliates who make over $500,000 a year with the eBay partner program. I honestly don't know how they do that and what their secrets are but I guess it proves that you really can make good money with the eBay affiliate program.
How much will I get paid?
eBay has some of the most generous affiliate commissions on the web and how much you earn depends on how much quality traffic you drive every month - the more you drive, the more you earn. The payment plan is a little too long to explain here, but here is a link where you can read about it.
How do I get paid?
Getting paid is very straight forward on the eBay Partner Network. You will be paid monthly on around the 18th of each month. eBay offers two methods of payment - you can choose either Direct Deposit or PayPal. Both options are free and note that for PayPal you will not have to pay the regular fee for receiving money.
eBay and others provide some great tools to help you make money with the eBay affiliate program:
  • Link Generator - The link generator allows you to create a trackable link to any of eBay's millions of web pages and is great for all types of business models. By using this tool to direct visitors to relevant pages you can significantly increase conversion rates.
  • PhpBay PhpBay is a product that allows you to create links from a WordPress Blog to drive people to the eBay affiliate program.  This is one of those things that looks a little complicated at first but is really simple once you get into it.
  • Creatives - One of the simplest methods of advertising eBay is by placing the eBay logo onto your website. The eBay Partner Network provides high-performing creatives to maximize the amount of commission you receive.
  • Editor Kit - You can add relevant, real-time eBay listings to your websites in just seconds with the Editor Kit. This tool has been proven to produce much higher click through rates than traditional banners. For example, if you have a website or a blog about digital photography, you can add eBay listings of cameras for sale on eBay.
  • RSS Feed Generator - The RSS Feed Generator is an easy way for affiliates to generate RSS feeds showing dynamic eBay content that include trackable links to items. The RSS Feed Generator has been embedded into eBay Advanced Search and allows affiliates to create feeds that meet predefined search criteria.
  • API - If you are a website developer or really tech-savvy, you can use eBay's API (Application Programming Interface) to access eBay's listings database. This enables you to gather information and present it to your users in a customized format that you define. You can build desktop applications, custom integrations for shopping comparison sites or create other innovative applications.
Here is one of the best articles I have read by a third party that explains how to make money on eBay with the eBay affiliate program:http://www.earnersblog.com/dominate-ebay-affiliate-program/

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