Photos and report leaking specifications for a phone Xperia Z4 expected

Sony plans to launch a new smart phone Sony Xperia Z4 during the second half of 2015, a phone that awaits all lovers of Sony and waiting for detection and specifications and launch it in the market, according to a leaked report on esato site specializes in the world of smart phones and that matters a phone "Xperia Z 4 "is expected.
The report revealed Mokhodh on the lips of a phone suppliers reveal the specifications of the screen Xperia phone Z4 will measure 5.2 inches, the same measurement phone "Xperia Z-3" launched by Sony last year, but the phone by supplier will have a screen LCD type at a resolution of 1440 × 2560 pixels.
The Web site published photographs of the external shape of the phone who said that the thickness of no more than 7.2 millimeters and that of rectangular phones and the minute that Sony is always working to make them.

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