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The 5 Best Indian made Technologies

1. The Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)
ID 100145195 The 5 Best Indian made TechnologiesInvented by Dr. Jayant Baliga the IGBT is extensively used in the consumer, industrial, lighting, transportation, medical, renewable energy, and other sectors of the economy.
The IGBT, a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily forms an electronic switch and is noted in newer devices due to its combination of high efficiency and fast switching.
The invention has facilitated a high amount of reduction in the usage of gasoline and electricity. This has not only resulted in high amount of savings to consumers, but also reduced the emissions of carbon dioxide world-wide.

2. The Simputer

ID 100181766 The 5 Best Indian made Technologies
A linux based mini-computer designed in 2005 with the vision to connect the common man with IT. Designed by The Simputer Trust. (formed in 1999), a non-profit venture of 7 Indian scientists working together to make a difference, the Simputer, with a palm-pilot like appearance, was positioned as a low-cost computer for the masses.
The word ‘Simputer’, as stated by its creators, is an acronym for “Simple, Inexpensive and Multilingual People’s computer.”

3. The Braille Smartphone- The first smartphone in the world for the blind

ID 100169398 The 5 Best Indian made Technologies
It’s safe to say that we’ve reached a point where our status is defined by how advanced our smartphone is. Though at times, it’s forgotten that the aim of smartphones is to make life easier, and not to appear more affluent.
Sumit Dagar, a post-grad from the NID (National Institute of Design) & his company, developed a smartphone that can convert text to Braille impressions for the visually impaired.
The user can read SMS’s and other forms of textual communication with ease through this invention. The sole aim of its creators is that it would act more like a companion for the visually impaired rather than just a phone.

4. Robotic Targeting Solutions

ID 100156714 The 5 Best Indian made Technologies
Chennai isn’t only famous for the “CSK’s” or the “Chennai Express’s”.
Perfint Healthcare has really put India on the map with its breakthrough innovations in the fields of medical technology and robotics.
The Chennai based health equipment company has developed two robots, which they now sell under the brand Robio, Piga and their newest addition Maxio, in South-East Asian countries, Europe and Latin America. These robots are capable to be used by radiologists for conducting biopsies, drug delivery and ablations (a process in which the tumour is burnt or frozen by inserting a needle in the affected area).
The company through its innovations continues to help make these life-saving procedures available to more and more cancer patients.

Another example of an Indian shining abroad

5. The 20-second phone charger

ID 10057285 The 5 Best Indian made Technologies
Troubled by the bad battery life of her cell phone, 18-year old Eesha Khare of California developed a fast-charging super-capacitor that’s small enough to fit inside a cell phone.
This not only results in the phone to charge in anywhere between 20 seconds to a minute, but the battery life will also last longer. Eesha, who has specialised in nanochemistry, received the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of $50,000 for her invention.
Only time will tell how this invention impacts our day-to-day lives. I personally can’t wait for the technology’s applications!

So there we are, 5 of the best Indian made technologies. You can’t help but feel a sense of pride about your country as you read about these inventions. I hope you got a good insight of India’s technological capacity today. If there’s anyone else you feel should’ve made the list, feel free to give a shout out in the comments section. Ciao, all!
A happy Independence Day to you all. Jai Hind.

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