Email List Monetization Reinvented

AdStation Integrated is revolutionizing the email industry
Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the various options available to mailers within the data monetization industry.  Unfortunately, almost all of the automated email marketing solutions out there have shown absolutely nothing in terms of innovation.  Honestly, at this point, AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, is really leading the way with their real-time campaign optimization system for mass email marketers.  Their flagship product offering, AdStation Integrated, is a one of a kind, turn-key solution that takes the guess work out of campaign selection.  Recently announcing record high earnings for email publishers as well as implementing a new series of targeting algorithms, AdStation Integrated is creating an extreme amount of buzz in the industry.
How it works:
Once integrated, the mailer seamlessly passes an encrypted md5 hash ID for each email address in their mailing list.  The actual email addresses, or personally identifiable information of the users, is never transmitted to Adknowledge in any way, therefore eliminating any security uncertainties.  To be clear, if you have any concerns about the security of your list you need not worry. The actual email addresses are never in the possession of Adknowledge.
Adknowledge will then check each encrypted email address against its massive database of behavioral attributes to select the most relevant offer for your user based on what they have engaged with in the past. Companies that are still sending email without the aid of response-based targeting data are living in the Stone Age.
The benefit of the AdStation targeting system is that it houses a vast history of hundreds of millions of users, enabling it to select campaigns that will be most relevant and therefore higher performing with your particular dataset, completely optimizing your email list for you. This is primarily why AdStation publishers are posting unprecedented earnings in our industry.
In fact, since implementing AdStation Integrated, publishers we spoke to are seeing up to a 25% increase in revenue from their lists.
To make things easier, AdStation has already integrated this platform with over 20 different Email Service Providers.  In addition, the publishers we spoke to, who actually integrated with the API themselves, said it’s very easy to implement.
Their reporting interface provides enough detail to enable complete and transparent management of your data with just the push of a button.  Bottom line- It’s one of the easiest to use systems I’ve ever encountered.
If you’re looking for an automated email offer engine, and have high quality data, looking to maximize your ROI, contact AdStation today.
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